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Ariya Content Wizard is a generative AI solution tailored for pharmaceutical professionals, designed to optimize the entire content lifecycle. It centralizes the processes of content creation, design, approval, and tracking, leveraging generative AI to reduce the time to market content.

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Ariya- AI for pharma

Enhances workflow automation for marketing teams, ensures compliance for regulatory affairs professionals, simplifies creation for medical content creators, and provides sales teams with quick access to approved materials.

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AI for pharma marketing

Leverage AI for Digital Content Creation

Use domain-trained AI to transform your approved brand content into tailored collaterals, flyers, ads, emails, and other communication materials.

AI-Enhanced Rep Triggered Emails

AI-Enhanced Rep-Triggered Emails

Boost rep efficiency with AI-driven, compliant email creation for faster query handling and efficient communication

AI tools for pharma marketing

Automate DHCP Letters Curation

Our AI model automates the creation of DHCP letters using approved sources, significantly reducing the workload for content writers.

Content creation in pharma with AI

AI-Enabled Enhancement on PowerPoint

Streamline PowerPoint creation using AI to aggregate content, visualize data, generate text, and maintain design guidelines

AI Generated Content

Modular Content Creation

Control Brand Consistency

Expedite Approval Process

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Content Wizard Features

Top AI tools for the pharma marketing

Real-time content creation assistance

Our AI-driven platform empowers users with real-time content creation capabilities. It works by suggesting content from a pool of digital assets, enabling users to quickly select and customize content for their needs. This feature streamlines the content creation process, facilitating faster review and approval cycles. Users can leverage AI-generated suggestions to enhance their content strategy, ensuring timely and engaging communication with their audience.

Modular Content Creation in pharma

Reduce time to market and eliminate redundancy

Speed up content production with pre-approved templates and modular content, available in Content Wizard. Quickly insert content into any channel within minutes. AI-generated content modules reduce production time and enable rapid go-to-market campaigns. Eliminate content redundancy and streamline approval cycles by creating and approving content once, then reusing it across multiple channels to deliver more content faster and consistently.

Top AI tools for pharma marketing

Keep your brand messaging consistent globally

Harmonize brand taxonomy and metadata across global and local teams by leveraging our AI-driven platform. Our AI generates content from approved sources and aligns it to your brand using customized templates for automatic repurposing. This ensures your messaging is always on-brand and uniform across all platforms, delivering consistent communication and a cohesive message worldwide.

AI tools for pharma content creation

Speed up MLR reviews with AI-driven workflows

Content Wizard accelerates MLR reviews by ensuring content is pre-approved and compliant. AI-driven workflows automate checks and approvals, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors. This speeds up the review process and ensures consistency and accuracy. Each module has a traceable development history, streamlining the review process and allowing for interactive comments on content.

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Seamlessly integrate with your content-publishing platforms

Leverage pre-approved content from your knowledge base to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance in all creatives. With AI, generate text, images, and designs, significantly accelerating the content creation process. Ariya Content Wizard’s AI covers all your ad design needs for various pharma-compatible platforms, enabling you to produce high-quality creatives in minutes. Effortlessly embrace modern content management practices, leveraging AI to deliver more in less time and enhance overall efficiency.

AI deployment in pharma

Leverage Ariya’s pre-trained content wizard platform for rapid Implementation with ready-to-use functionalities and customization. Here’s how:

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Brand Customization
  • Localization
  • Scalability
  • Expert Support
Use AI for Content Creation in Pharma - brochure

Use AI for Content Creation in Pharma: Brochure

Discover how Ariya Content Wizard, the ultimate content management hub for pharma professionals, can streamline your workflows with AI-generated text, images, and visuals from approved sources. Say goodbye to content delays and take full control of your content and brand identity!

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