Simplifying Information Discovery For Medical Affairs

Ariya is a digital assistant that powers data discovery for Medical Affairs teams.
Ariya’s domain-trained AI quickly finds vital information, helping Medical Affairs to support critical decisions and effortlessly communicate scientific information to stakeholders.

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Ariya’s domain-trained AI revolutionizes the performance of Medical Affairs, leading to enhanced patient care.

Streamline Access To Medical Information

Enable swift information delivery via conversational interface, engaging HCPs, patients, KOLs, and stakeholders with controlled access.

Leverage Your Knowledge Base

Elevate team productivity with Ariya's healthcare proficiency. Integrated with trusted data sources, it provides Medical Affairs Teams valuable insights.

AI-enabled Knowledge Assistance

Continuous Learning with Proactive Access to Information from knowledge sources like Pubmed,

Instant Data For Medical Insights

Ease the daily challenge of data analysis with Ariya, your on-the-spot analyst for understanding trends from disconnected information sources.

Medical Congress Powered by AI Assistance

Ariya enriches your medical congress by providing instant information, answering queries, and facilitating real-time information exchange.

Ariya Cares

Ariya Knows

Ariya Protects

Ariya Understands

Ariya Complies

Ariya Features

Keeps you safe with its Responsible AI

Ariya guarantees data transparency. Get 100% quality-assured medical information from approved, non-promotional sources. Ariya prioritizes transparency through user consent, disclaimers, and sticking to its purpose. It doesn’t intend to replace a physician’s vital role but meets information needs at the time of need.

Who Can Access Your Data

Control who uses your medical data. Access security is assured when you integrate Ariya with industry identity management systems, including DocCheck, Okta, Ping Identity, or customized solutions.

Your Data Using Strong Encryption

Ariya uses cutting-edge encryption with SSO and access control layers to deliver iron-clad data protection. Your information is 100% safe from prying eyes no matter where approved users access it.

Your Medical Questions

Domain training by medical experts gives Ariya the power to understand your query intent, whether complex or technical. Ask Ariya anything and get accurate, quality-assured responses you can rely on.

With All Regulatory Regimes

Ariya ensures geo-regulatory compliance, keeping Medical Affairs’ data management aligned with local regulatory frameworks. By deploying Ariya, you’re automatically compliant as you work with high-quality medical data worldwide.

phamax will guide you throughout the internal approval process and will assist all involved stakeholders to ensure a smooth deployment

  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Deployment and installation process
  • Quality checks and beta testing
  • Onboarding support

How AI Will Change Medical Affairs Landscape?

This whitepaper delves into the integration of AI digital assistants to enhance medical communication, optimize scientific data analysis, and streamline healthcare stakeholder engagement. This comprehensive overview sheds light on the potential benefits and challenges that AI brings to reshape the landscape of Medical Affairs.

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8 Reasons Medical Affairs Teams Require An AI-Augment Solution

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Modern Challenges Faced By Medical Affairs Teams

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