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License fee as low as 80 CHF

Please note that License fee is
charged per user per month.

(Additional costs apply based on customization and one time set up cost is applicable)
  • Access control: Provisions to control user access based on roles, geography, and profiles
  • Integrations: Designed for seamless integration with industry-preferred information sources
  • Responsible AI: Follows responsible AI principles for ethical and accountable us
  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards and regulations

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    Features Offered

    Features that will end many of your daily struggles to access and manage data

    Multiple Data Source Integration

    Ariya seamlessly integrates internal and external data sources, including trusted platforms like PubMed, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date medical information at your fingertips.

    Channel Integration

    Access Ariya on Microsoft Teams for efficient communication and collaboration. Plus, it offers flexibility to integrate with your preferred channels for a seamless user experience

    Domain-trained AI Model

    Ariya has domain training to grasp medical queries, employ specialized terminology, and offer contextually fitting responses. This training of NLP and LLMs also ensures regulatory compliance, tailors interactions, and bolsters credibility in delivering relevant information from authorized sources only.


    Ariya through encryption techniques, protects data both during transmission and while stored. Moreover, the meticulous management of activity logs and data archives ensures data integrity and enhances security, all according to specified guidelines for data protection.

    Content Processing

    Ariya carefully sources and generates accurate content through collaboration with domain experts and advanced NLP and ML techniques. It maintains the integrity of medical information by relying on current sources and notifies users of system knowledge base changes


    Tailor Ariya to your specific needs with customizable features like language, making it a versatile and adaptable healthcare digital assistant for various medical contexts.


    01. What factors determine the customized pricing for Ariya?

    Our pricing is determined based on various factors, including the size of your healthcare organization, the specific features you require, and the level of customization needed to meet your unique needs.

    02. Are there any additional costs beyond the monthly user license fees and setup costs?

    The monthly user fees and setup costs cover the majority of expenses. However, if you require additional services or integrations beyond
    the standard offering, those may incur extra charges. Our team will provide transparency and guidance on any potential additional costs
    during the customization process.

    03. What support options are included with Ariya's pricing plan?

    Our customized pricing plan includes 24×7 support, ensuring that you have access to our assistance during standard business hours. Our dedicated support team is available to address your inquiries, resolve issues, and assist with the successful implementation of Ariya
    within your healthcare environment.
    For more on our Service refer to SLA document