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Turning Content Chaos into Creative Harmony with AI

The ultimate content management hub for pharma professionals. Streamline your workflows with AI-generated text, images, and visuals from approved sources. Say goodbye to content delays and take full control of your content and brand identity with Ariya Content Wizard!

What You Get?

Ariya Content Wizard centralizes content creation, design, approval, and tracking, streamlining workflows with AI-generated content. It integrates with CRM and approval systems, reducing costs through self-service content creation

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Faster Time to Market

Utilization of pre-approved templates, AI-generated content, and streamlined workflows reduce reliance on agencies and accelerate

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Reduced Reliance on Agencies

Ariya empowers your marketing team with in-house content creation capabilities, minimizing dependence on external agencies and lowering overall content production costs

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Take Control of Brand Consistency

Centralized content management and AI-assisted creation ensure all content adheres to brand guidelines and messaging, leading to improved quality and consistency

Using pre-approved materials accelerates regulatory evaluation, reducing the approval time from up to a month to just a few days.
-Brand Manager

Product Features

We build Content Wizard to streamline content creation process, eliminate mundane tasks, decreases reliance on specialized agencies, and multiple review process throughout the content lifecylce

Generates content from approved sources. Instantly repurpose content

Enables design, adaptation, and modifications to collaterals reducing dependency on agency

Streamlines the review process and allows interactive comments on content

Integrate with top pharma content platforms, publishing content to target channels in a few steps, automating processes, and speeding up time-to-market

Ensure consistent brand communication across global and local teams, and production agencies, maintaining brand consistency while generating content

Pharma specific Use-Cases

Transform Your Content Creation with Ariya’s Content Wizard! Explore how Content Wizard has the potential to  bring efficiency in content management process

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Rep triggered emails from the information sources, like an internal training document and the product SMPCs

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Develop content modules based on information from doctor letters

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Use brand guidelines and approved product info to create digital content like collaterals, flyers, ad creatives, and communication materials

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Allow users to edit and generate content images, as well as edit PowerPoint presentations

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Create DHCP (Drug Information Letter) or doctor letters using the provided information

50% cost reduction and faster content creation could be a game-changer for our marketing team's productivity.
-Marketing Manager

You are just few steps away from AI-enabled content management

Download brouchre to explore features and capabilities tailored for pharma specific use cases.

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