November 30, 2023

What personality traits qualify Ariya as a “WOMAN”

Ariya is an AI-enabled conversational digital assistant who is smart, intelligent, and progressive, clearly all the characteristic traits a woman possesses. Breaking the bias, she is set to make history in technology advancements and bring a revolutionary change in the way information is accessed and proccessed. Her technological skills and personality traits make her sophisticated and reliable. As a young aspirant, she is learning and adapting to make future reinforcements in our everyday work life. Here are a few personality traits of a woman we identify Ariya with.

1. Is empathetic, and cares for you

Chat or talk to Ariya just like you would converse with your colleague. Ariya’s advanced ASR(Automatic speech recognition), and NLG(Natural Language Generation) engine make conversations more humane. The responses are dynamic, meaningful and spontaneous, and not scripted.

2. Understands what you intend

Ariya undergoes intense intent training to meet all your information needs at work. Her extensive domain knowledge makes it a superior digital assistant for your everyday business information needs.

3. Is a keeper of information

Ariya acts as a keeper of information repository. She organizes, manages and stores all the information in one place. She knows where the intended data is kept and can either guide or access it for you.

4. Does the heavy lifting

Ariya uses sophisticated algorithms and AI techniques to take care of complex analytics, data, and information processes. Adding process automation to the mix, Ariya makes it all the more simple for you to infer.

5. Can multitask

Ariya is multi-skilled to collect, simplify, report and leverage information to make you shine. Choose from the list of skills that Ariya can perform and personalize to meet your needs.

6. Has your back when you feel lost

Be it during a discussion, generating a report, or making decisions, Ariya is always ready to support you with any data point you need.

7. Prompt: Understands the urgency of your needs 

Get information in the blink of an eye, as and when you need it. You can ask Ariya as many questions as you want, and she will remain unfazed.

8. Is reliable

Ariya’s conversational AI applies a “confidence score” to give you the best possible answer, making her all the more reliable.

9. Ability to learn and adapt quickly

The ML technology keeps Ariya up to date. Ariya learns from experience. With each interaction, she improves her ability to understand, predict and respond with accuracy. She gets smarter with each use case applied.


Everyone is dependent on information for knowledge, discussion, meeting, or performance reporting. But there are always instances where either information is not available the way we need it when we need it the most, or as easily as it is expected. Ariya is trained to be your everyday assistant for information needs anytime, anywhere. Ariya removes all the complexities around the information process. Schedule a demo to explore Ariya. Write to us at

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