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Ariya Trial Launchpad

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The Ariya Trial Launchpad provides a secure environment and platform where businesses and AI experts can collaborate to tailor and customize practical AI solutions. This aids businesses in selecting, configuring, and implementing their intended business use cases in 8 weeks. 

It lays the foundation for swift deployment across client environments. The Launchpad offers a dedicated space for testing and evaluating ideas, features, and customized solutions before seamlessly integrating them into your organization.



Proven - expertise


Proven Expertise


Our team of pharma and AI enthusiasts possesses extensive knowledge of applying AI within the pharmaceutical domain. With practical experience and tailored solutions, we navigate real-life scenarios with precision and efficacy. By involving stakeholders throughout the development process, phamax not only ensures that the solutions are intuitive but also delivers value by meeting specific business needs

Effective AI


Efficient and faster deployment


Our approach emphasizes speed and time value with pre-built Ariya applications that include well-designed data models, pre-built analytics, configurable AI pipelines, and pre-designed user interface screens built for pharma users needs. The underlying application enables full reusability and scalability, further speeding up configuration and deployment





Ariya seamlessly integrates across various communication channels, starting with Microsoft Teams, to align with industry preferences. Additionally, it offers compatibility with other platforms like Google Stack or Slack. Ariya’s adaptability extends further by allowing integration into existing websites and deployment as an independent application



Enhanced ROI


Ariya brings a rigorous use case selection methodology to ensure compelling value, sufficient data of adequate quality, and the right stakeholder availability and alignment before beginning the trial. This meticulous approach lays the foundation for maximizing returns and evaluating strategic capability and measurable ROI

Path To Trial Program

Trial Program Timeline


In this stage, we’ll delve into your business objectives and the hurdles you’re facing. We’ll also introduce you to our relevant use cases, applications, and specialized resources. By aligning our efforts towards achieving scalable business benefits, we ensure that Ariya will provide tangible value for your operations.

Following our initial conversation, we will provide you with a curated list of relevant use cases and resources. Together, we will then develop a proposal regarding where Ariya can generate significant value for your business. The objective of this phase is to mutually agree on a specific case to pursue, ensuring that we can confirm its value, feasibility, and key success factors.

Our team collaborates with your solution architect and data owners to validate the opportunity and ensure the accessibility and quality of the required data. Together, we pinpoint a representative subset of the opportunities that can be tackled and implemented within the four-month trial program.

Once the fundamental features are constructed and validated, Ariya guides users through a series of functional, performance, and user acceptance testing phases. These ensure the application’s functionality, performance, and alignment with user requirements. Ariya conducts functional tests, automated performance evaluations, and structured user acceptance sessions. Insights from these sessions inform future enhancement plans. The phase concludes with approval to transition the application into a live production environment.

In this phase, Ariya collaborates with your user and IT teams to ensure secure usage. It involves establishing an adoption plan, realizing value, and planning for scaling. Activities include training, workshops for future use cases, and a detailed go-live plan. It concludes with a deliverables presentation, a live AI application launch, and an agreement on scaling and support.

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