December 1, 2023

Reporting The Easy Way, With Conversational AI

Few would disagree that reports are a feature of corporate life in companies worldwide. However, only those tasked with writing a report will know what a struggle it can be. Getting bogged down moving data from one system to another, scratching your head over Excel formulas, then making it look presentable in PowerPoint. What a malarkey!

While reporting is essential, it remains a time-consuming and stressful business.

Luckily, there’s now an easier way!

So Many Reports…

Whether it’s financial, HR, Marketing, or strategic reviews, reports are the mortar that joins the corporate structure together and helps the company function efficiently. But be in no doubt that reporting is a challenging and often undervalued process, and getting a report right can be a constant headache.

  • How long should it be?
  • How detailed should it be?
  • Whom is it pitched at?
  • When do they need it?

All are questions to consider before those tasked with reporting get to work.

Then, after that, there are more hurdles to surmount:

Sourcing The Right Materials

This is the first report-writing challenge. Collating data is always a frustrating and tedious business. Collecting these materials means accessing several data sources plus complex manipulation to get the information report-ready.

Using Conversational AI (CAI) frees you from this burden.

The data gathering process becomes automated no matter how many sources are involved. There’s no need to juggle between dashboards in different formats. Instead, you get the information you need with a simple voice or chat request into one AI powered interface. In a flash, your data arrives almost at the speed of sound!

DIY – Do It Yourself!

Report collation becomes extra irksome if it involves waiting for colleagues to deliver essential content elements. A delay from just one contributor adds to the stress and brings the reporting deadline worryingly closer.

A digital assistant is the only colleague you need to make your report writing straightforward. As the AI can access all company data, it can find everything you need and fetch it in your required format. So whether it’s a team’s performance, product sales, or an account update, a CAI enabled digital assistant like Ariya is designed to give you much-needed independence.

Instantaneous access to all the business information you need for your report creation is always in your gift.

Analysis Paralysis

Sometimes reporting data is complex. And in the healthcare sector, data can be very technical, requiring the input of a domain trained business analyst to interpret it correctly. In these cases, you can be sure your request is only one of many the analyst team is dealing with, so getting priority can be difficult.

This lack of availability can be especially acute when you present the report in a meeting or discussion. You might need an analyst to help re-interpret the data during your presentation. That takes a lot of planning and diary management, and for ad hoc sessions, it becomes impossible.

A digital assistant enabled with analytics code simplifies the information manipulation process. You always have access to on-demand business analytics so you can present your report safe in the knowledge that you can re-cut any element quickly without recourse to an in-situ analyst.

As a result, meetings become quicker and more productive. Plus, attendees can immediately use the report data to solve problems and implement actions. The phamax team have built Ariya to deliver rapid responses anytime, anywhere. With Ariya, there’s always a skilled analyst in the meeting room ready to re-visualise data in a meaningful, attendee-friendly format.

The Time It Takes

Reports take time, lots of it. So it’s not uncommon for managers, team leaders or data analysts to spend long evening hours toiling away to meet their reporting deadlines, usually when the rest of the team has gone home.

Even when the data’s ready, there’s still the re-formatting of the raw data and the ever-present curse of converting it into a PowerPoint presentation. All that copy-pasting, resizing and colouring – what a chore reporting can be.

So what if you could speed up the creation of your PowerPoint creations? The power of CAI will quickly transform raw data and speed the journey from uninspiring numbers to easily digestible charts and diagrams.

You can ask Ariya to autofill your reporting template with the latest numbers. Think of the time that will save. Then from there, Ariya helps you to convert your Excel reports into amazing PowerPoint slides.

So, maybe you can go home on time, after all.

With CAI, Reporting Becomes Easy

The phamax team have designed our CAI, Ariya, based on our many years of experience developing reports in the healthcare sector.

Our team has been-there-done-that and knows the effort involved in producing reports that inform, educate, and energise audiences throughout the corporate healthcare structure.

Love or loathe them; reports are the lifeblood of healthcare organisations worldwide, so making them as efficient and user-friendly as possible is vitally important.

Using a digital assistant gives everyone in a healthcare firm the ability to efficiently create fit-for-purpose reports that add value and meet the precise needs of your audience.

We hope you’ll agree, a domain trained CAI like Ariya will make reporting in any healthcare firm much, much easier.

If you’d like to learn more about Ariya’s reporting skillset or would like more information on our market- leading conversational AI or data solutions, please complete our contact form or email us at and our sales team will be in touch.

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