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*Fee is applicable for per user per month

**Set-up cost varies with the number of factors, like no data sources, information format, infrastructure, channel, customization, and features added

Feature Highlights

ARIYA ensures that healthcare professionals have quick and accurate access to medical information, guaranteeing alignment with the industry’s evolving ethical standards. Timely access to accurate data supports informed decision-making, underpinning patient care ethics.

Promptly reporting adverse events is a cornerstone of pharmaceutical ethics. ARIYA is available round the clock, supporting real-time pharmacovigilance efforts, and aligning perfectly with ethical practices.

Privacy and data protection are critical ethical considerations. Our solution is fully customizable to align with your compliance requirements and fortified with robust IT security protocols, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information.

Ethical adherence often involves comprehensive documentation and reporting. ARIYA seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, facilitating compliance efforts and ensuring data integrity.

By streamlining access to medical information, ARIYA reduces research time and operational costs while enabling your team to allocate more resources to essential ethical considerations.

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