April 1, 2024

Ariya is Live on Client Medical Information Website

phamax’s Ariya Goes Live on Leading Pharmaceutical Client Site, Streamlining Medical Information Access for HCPs 

phamax, a leading Swiss-based pharmaceutical consulting firm, has successfully launched Ariya, an advanced AI-enabled digital assistant, on the website of a major pharmaceutical company.

The international rollout, which commenced in March 2024, represents a pivotal achievement in phamax’s strategic product roadmap.

The product was co-created with the client’s global Medical Information team, with the goal of simplifying online Medical Information searches for HCPs. The client is known for its advancements in the treatments of iron deficiency, dialysis, nephrology, and other rare diseases.

The Client chose Ariya AI for its proven capability of automating and simplifying access to product data and specifications on medical information websites used by Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

The project spearheaded by phamax aimed to seamlessly integrate AI into a client’s operations, focusing on enhancing the management and dissemination of medical information to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Following a series of discovery sessions to pinpoint the client’s needs, phamax outlined an AI-driven solution with Ariya to streamline access to medical information through a query-response mechanism on their product website, thus initiating Phase I of this endeavor.

This strategic implementation intended to diminish the reliance on call centers for medical information requests, offering HCPs immediate, efficient access to necessary data. This initiative not only marked the client’s first step towards incorporating AI into their roadmap but also showcased the potential of AI to revolutionize the availability and handling of medical information, thereby improving access to medical information and fostering a more informed healthcare environment. HCPs can now get instant information without the need to search extensively, ensuring they access accurate and informative medical information.

Throughout the process, the phamax team prioritized compliance with stringent pharmaceutical regulations and guidelines. Core to this was the application of responsible AI principles that guarantee the information provided by Ariya always comes from approved, quality-assured source data.

The interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs) are initiated without solicitation. Ariya addresses user inquiries by referencing DHCP (Direct Healthcare Professional Communications) letters that have been shared with and authorized by the client, ensuring that responses are grounded in verified information and free from hallucinations. To match HCP requests with accurate information, Ariya uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to fully understand a user’s intent and deliver precise responses with unparalleled relevance and accuracy.

A crucial part of the build process was carefully managing the ‘content integration’ process. Multiple reviews using a rigorous “human-in-loop” process facilitated the Client’s domain enrichment. This comprehensive approach involved numerous IT and stakeholder consultations and ongoing checks to meet data privacy and compliance standards.

A critical Ariya skill is controlling user access and ensuring it is aligned with their role and geo-location. This will guarantee compliance with international and global norms for the pharmaceutical industry wherever Ariya is deployed.

The project includes an automated process that allows Ariya to continually track and inform our Client’s Medical Affairs team in case of any changes or documents is expiring within the knowledge base, ensuring that responses are always current and reliable.

Behsad Zomorodi, phamax Founder and CEO, commenting on the launch, said:

“From now on, registered Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) using the client’s medical Information site will discover that Ariya significantly improves their access to product information and saves them precious time.”

The launch demonstrates that the use of AI in the pharmaceutical sector is just beginning. phamax is at the forefront of this exciting future. In the near future, phamax plans to expand Ariya’s capabilities to include more features and use cases to address similar challenges related to information access and processes faced by other user groups within the industry. These include enabling medical insight teams to monitor online analytics and usage trends to incrementally strengthen a pharmaceutical company’s knowledge bank.

Pilots are ongoing with clients to co-create generative AI solutions that leverage existing information repositories, saving professionals valuable time on content curation and information retrieval tasks.

The Client implementation underscores phamax’s commitment to innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and sets a new standard for AI-powered medical information access.

About phamax

phamax is a Swiss-based consulting organization specializing in pharmaceutical and healthcare data analytics, strategy, and technology solutions. With a focus on innovation and artificial intelligence, phamax aims to revolutionize how pharmaceutical organizations access and process medical information, enhancing efficiency and compliance across the industry.

As phamax’s AI solutions advance, they strengthen organizational effectiveness in daily operations by offering tailored solutions for pharmaceutical employees at all stages in the value chain.

For further information, please contact: marketing@phamax.ch or reach out to us through our schedule demo page.

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