December 26, 2023

A Letter From Our CEO: Ariya Roadmap and Our Exciting Path Forward

Hello patrons

Last year we introduced Ariya for Medical Information and received immense support and interest. During this time, our teams have been tirelessly engaged in product planning, charting an exciting course for the future.

Our commitment is to share these plans openly, transparently, and collaboratively. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will provide regular roadmap communications to keep you abreast of developments and key milestones. Your feedback is crucial to us; it’s an integral part of our process as we strive to create solutions that are not only relevant but also simplify your life through the practical application of AI. We’re committed to enriching Ariya with innovative features, refining AI technology to elevate the user experience in handling Medical Information and contributing to the overarching goal of enhancing patient care.

Our focus goes beyond inventing new solutions; we are enriching existing AI models with domain expertise, leveraging our legacy understanding of healthcare and life sciences. Soon, Ariya will feature even more robust skills tailored for practical use cases as requested by our clients. We are incorporating these new technologies to shape the future of processing Medical Information, with a dedicated focus on Medical Affairs.

A few examples:

Coming in the near term:

AI brain for enhanced engagement on the website

We are developing an innovative AI solution that incorporates Conversational AI, enhancing user engagement by providing interactive guidance and real-time assistance. The implementation of AI-driven language translation ensures global accessibility, breaking down language barriers for users worldwide. Additionally, the system generates Smart Content Recommendations based on individual preferences, search history, and interactions, delivering a personalized and tailored experience. Our commitment to robust security measures aligns with healthcare regulatory guidelines, safeguarding user data and reinforcing trust among those accessing sensitive information on the website.

The Power of LLMs and Generative AI

By integrating state-of-the-art AI into Ariya, we revolutionize the processing of Medical Information, enabling quicker access to evidence through the utilization of existing data. Our AI expertise at phamax ensures efficient Medical Information Management, automating processes to infer, summarize, and curate relevant content. This approach supports meaningful interactions with scientific literature, allowing us to leverage existing information effectively.

Medical Insights

Our visionary roadmap propels medical affairs into a new era, leveraging AI to revolutionize product, channel, and content strategy while gleaning valuable insights. By shaping the narrative of healthcare outcomes, Ariya empowers medical affairs to lead innovation, instantly discovering patterns and novel evidence supporting emerging treatments, identifying new patient populations, and advancing other strategic initiatives. Ariya enables the swift identification and resolution of safety and efficacy issues, ensuring a proactive and efficient approach to healthcare challenges.

Reduce workload by automating processes within Medical Affairs

As we venture into 2024, our vision for Medical Affairs is one of strategic transformation and future readiness. We are committed to identifying and streamlining processes that not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to the well-being of our team by reducing workload from less relevant tasks. Embracing the power of AI and generative AI, our goal is to redefine how Medical Affairs achieves tactical objectives. We envision a future where routine tasks are automated, allowing these dedicated professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and meaningful engagements. Through the seamless integration of technology, we aim to create an environment that fosters innovation, elevates job satisfaction, and ultimately enhances our capacity to deliver impactful healthcare solutions.

The Ariya C-suite:

AI is set to transform the C-suite by providing continuous learning and informed decision-making. While algorithms won’t replace human intuition, they excel at accumulating data over time for critical issues like finance, compliance, and supply chain optimization. In the AI-enabled C-suite, executives will use AI 24/7 to validate hunches with extensive data and analysis, shifting from gut-based decisions to informed inquiries. This shift will enable faster and more accurate decision-making, leveraging AI’s ability to identify patterns in vast datasets. Executives will have real-time access to relevant information, allowing them to track performance, customer sentiment, and other key metrics, ultimately improving the agility and effectiveness of leadership in the dynamic business landscape.

We trust you share our excitement for these initiatives, just the tip of the iceberg in our expansive plans! Our commitment is to delivering industry-leading products, experiences, and support. Striving to be the benchmark for operational excellence in the healthcare industry, we aim to be your trusted partner.

Anticipate regular updates across all aspects of our business, and feel free to connect with your current representative for any inquiries or to schedule a comprehensive roadmap review. We wish you a prosperous 2024 filled with many new AI opportunities.


Behsad Zomorodi

Founder and CEO

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